Macro-economic indicators of economic and social development of the country in 2014


During 2014 a key quality indicator of the economic and social progress of the Gross Domestic Product increased by 2.8 % compared to last year and it was reached to 59.0 milliard manat. 41.5% of GDP was established in the field of industry, 12.5% in construction complex, 5.3% in agriculture, 4.5% in transport and 9.9% in trade and in the fields of paid services, 1.8% in communication and 17.0% in other fields.
Value added in amount of 6264.1manat (7985.9 US dollars) was produced for per person of population.
Production of GDP was increased by 7.0% in non-oil sector and it was decreased by 2.9% in oil sector.
Production of industry products decreased by 0.7 % compared to 2013 and reached to 31.9 milliard manat, its 69.6% or 22.2 milliard manat was produced in mining sector, 24.0% or 7.6 milliard manat in processing sector, 5.7% or 1.8 milliard manat in distribution and supply of electricity, gas and steam sector, 0.7% or 231.8 million manat in water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation activities.
Production output in oil sector of industry was decreased by 2.4% and it was increased by 6.9% in non-oil sector.
From the products of mining sector 41.9 million tons or less than 2.8% crude oil, 18.7 milliard cubic meters or more than 4.9% marketable gas was produced.
From the products of processing sector production of food products increased by 1.4%, production of beverage 8.1%, production of clothing 59.9%, production of textile industry 1.9%, production of chemical products 32.0%, production of construction materials 22.2%, production of ready metal products 6.2%, production of metallurgy products 11.0%, production of electric equipment 12.1%, production of automobiles and trailers 58.2%, production of other transport means 3.4 times, production of jewelry, music, sport and medical equipment 80.9% and installation and maintenance services of machines and equipment 41.0%.
21.9 milliard kVt hours (more than 6.3%) electricity was produced in the electrical stations of the country in 2014.
Harvest of plant growing in agrarian sector was completed. In 2014 including maize 2383.3 thousand tons grain, 819.3 thousand tons potato, 1187.7 thousand tons vegetable, 41.0 thousand tons cotton, 849.9 thousand tons fruit and berry, 440.9 thousand tons market garden crops, 147.7 thousand tons grape, 175.1 thousand tons sugar beet, 20.3 thousand tons sunflower for seed, 2.9 thousand tons tobacco, 474.2 tons green tea leaves were harvested, 505.5 thousand tons meat in live weight, 1855.8 thousand tons milk, 1562.7 million units eggs and 16.8 thousand tons wool were produced. Production of meat compared to the corresponding period of 2013 increased by 1.7%, production of milk 3.3%, production of egg 11.5%, production of wool 1.6%.
According to the preliminary data for the state of 1st January, 2015 there were 2706.9 thousand head cattle, as well as, 1304.0 thousand head cow and buffalo, 8681.5 thousand head sheep and goats. Number of cattle increased by 3.6 thousand head (0.1%) compared to the 1st January 2013, as well as, number of caw and buffalos 2.4 thousand head (0.2%), number of sheep and goats 51.0 thousand head (0.6%).
Total product of agriculture in value terms decreased by 2.6% compared to 2013, as well as plant growing 8.3%, livestock products increased by 3.0% and product in amount of 5225.8 million manat was produced.
Agricultural workers for the crops of 2015 rose ploughing in the area of 1017.0 thousand ha and sowed corn for grain in the area of 875.7 thousand hectare as well as, wheat in the area of 537.2 thousand ha, barley in the area of 338.4 thousand hectare.
In the volume of 17.6 milliard manat allocations were directed to fixed assets for the development of economic and social fields, construction works in amount of 13.3 milliard manat were done. Compared to 2013 allocations directed to construction works increased by 11.8 %. 63.9% or 11.2 milliard manat of investment was spent to the construction of production facilities. 72.3% or 12.7 milliard manat of allocations were domestic investments.
6266.0 million manat of investment from state budget was used to the construction of new constructed and under constructed facilities in 2014 and during the year following production and non-production facilities were put into operation: dwellings with total area 1978.3 thousand square metre, secondary schools with 29230 places for pupils, ambulatory-polyclinic institutions which allows serve 25 persons, hospital with 280 beds, pre-school institutions with 1332 places, club with 294 places, in Baku city - “Norm” Cement Plant, new shipyard of the State Border Service's Coast Guard, Asphalt Mixing Plant, New Air Terminal Complex at Heydar Aliyev Airport, new administrative-academic complex of National Conservatory, a ferry terminal in the frame of first phase of new Baku International Sea Trade Port Complex, new buildings of Central Library of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and “Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia” science center, building of National Institute of Sports Medicine, Diagnostics and Rehabilitation, Surakhany solar power plant, Health Centre, National Gymnastics Arena, multi-level junction with different levels, in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic - Arpachay -2 Hydroelectric Power Station, Water-storage Reservoir and Water Treatment Complex, Youth Centre, in Sumgait city - Azerbaijan Paper and Cardboard Factory, Oil Factory, Copper Processing Plant, in Ganja city - Metal Casting and Continuous Rolling, Pressure Processing and Dying Plants, in Shirvan city – bridge over the Kur river, in Naftalan city –“ Garabagh SPA and Resort” Hotel Complex, in Absheron region – Chess and Music Schools, Stadium, in Agdash region - Food and Fruit Processing Plants, "Aghdash" Electrical substation, in Beylegan region – Chess school, city stadium, First Shahseven-Ahmadli-Dunyamalilar inter-village highway, in Dashkasan region – Bus Station Complex, in Fuzuli region - Garment factory, Ahmadalilar – Mollamaharramli – Arayatli – Babi inter-village highway, in Goranboy region – Goranboy-Yukhari Agjakend highway, in Goy-Gol region - Olympic Sport Complex, Youth Centre, in Imishli region – Bulagli-Bahramtapa part of Hajigabul – Bahramtapa highway, in Ismayilli region - Bread Factory, in Gabala region - first stage of “Tufan” Alpine Skiing Summer and Winter Recreation Complex, Hotel Complex “Qafqaz Yengicə Termal Hotel and SPA” in Lankaran region – Bread Factory, in Shamakhi region - “Shamakhi Palace Platinum By Rixos” hotel, in Shamkir region - Bread Factory, Shamkirchay water reservoir and Hydroelectric Power Station and others.
Transport. During the year 222.0 million tons cargo and 1.8 milliard person passengers were conveyed by natural entities engaged in the field of automobile transport and transport enterprises, cargo transportation compared to 2013 increased by 1.9 and convenience of passengers 4.7%. 9.8% of cargos were transported by railway, 58.0 % by automobile transport, 27.7 % by pipeline, 88.0% of passengers were conveyed by automobile transport, 11.8 % by metropolitan.
Information and communication. Communication services in amount of 1620.0 million manat were rendered to the population, offices and organizations by communication enterprises and it was increased by 15.1% compared to 2013. 914.6 million manat or 56.5% of communication services was share of mobile communication.
Trade and paid service. Consumption goods in amount of 22.0 milliard manat were sold to population in 2014 and it was increased by 10.0% and volume of paid services increased by 7.2% and reached to 7.0 milliard manat. 50.1 % of products purchased from consumer market were food products and 49.9% were non-food products. Sale of food products increased by 3.9% and non-food products 16.2%. 48.4% of spent allocations in retail trade networks were food products and beverage, 1.7% tobacco products, 18.7% textile goods, clothes and shoes, 4.7% electrical goods and furniture, 0.6% computers, telecommunication equipment and other products, 1.4% pharmaceutical and medical products, 7.1% automobile fuels and 17.4% other non-food products.
Each resident of the country in 2014 were purchased different consumer goods from trade network on average of 2336.8 manat or more than 222.5 manat compared to 2013.
Foreign trade. According to the data of State Customs Committee during January-November foreign trade turnover of the country was 28.8 milliard manat. 71.9% or 20.7 milliard dollars of commodity circulation was exported goods, 28.1% (8.1 milliard dollars) imported goods. Positive balance in amount of 12.6 milliard dollars was created. 90.8% of commodity turnover was implemented with far foreign countries, 9.2% with CIS member countries.
77.2% (6.3 milliard dollars) of imported goods was received from far foreign countries, 22.8% (1.8 milliard dollars) from CIS member countries.
96.2 % or 19.9 milliard dollars of exported goods were sent to far foreign countries, 3.8% or 787.2 million dollars to CIS member countries. More than corresponding period of 2013 oil products, fruit and vegetable, mineral and fizzy drinks, plastic and products made from it, chemical industry products and etc. were exported.
Foreign trade operations were more intensive with Italy, Germany, Indonesia, Russia, France, Turkey, Israel, USA, Great Britain, Spain, India and Thailand.
During January-November country was received humanitarian and technical aid in amount of 47.3 million dollars.
Taking into account the data of State Oil Company and AIOC on export of crude oil on foreign trade turnover was equal to 36.7 milliard dollars, as well as export 28.6 milliard dollars and positive balance in amount of 20.5 milliard dollars was created. Along with decreasing of foreign trade turnover by 4.7% also decreasing was observed in export of non-oil products by 1.1% compared to corresponding period of 2013.
Consumer prices and service tariffs. During December the prices of consumer goods and service tariffs were increased by 0.5% compared to November, as well as the prices of food products 2.6%, service tariffs 0.1% and prices of non-food products remained at the same level. In 2014 the prices of consumer goods and service tariffs were increased by 1.4% compared to 2013, as well as the prices of food products 1.0%, the prices of non-food products 3.2%, service tariffs 0.3%.
Salary/wage. Average monthly salary/wage of employees engaged in economic and social field of the country increased by 5.4 % in January-November, 2014 compared to the corresponding period of last year and it was formed 442.1 manat. Average monthly salary/wage of employees engaged in different fields of economy was higher and it was formed 709.5 manat in industry, 626.7 manat in construction complex, 538.0 manat in transport, 733.5 manat in information and communication.
According to the data of Ministry of Finance during January- November state budget received 17.2 milliard manat and resources in amount of 15.1 milliard manat spent from budget. 40.5 % or 6.1 milliard manat of budget expenditure directed to the development of economy, 11.7 % (1.8 milliard manat) to health and education, 11.8 % (1.8 milliard manat) to social protection and social security.
Surpuls in amount of 2072.0 million manat or 3.9% equal to GDP was established between income and expenditure of budget.
Income of population increased by 4.8 % compared to corresponding period of last year and it was reached to 39.4 milliard manat, per capita amount of it increased by 3.5 % and reached to 4180.5 manat. 68.8% of income was spent to final consumption, 8.7 % to taxes, social insurance and voluntary payment of membership fees, 20.0 % to the growth of savings and capital.
Deposits of population. Deposits of population in bank were increased by 10.4% compared with the indicators of eleven months of 2013 and reached to 7.1 milliard manat. 4.5 milliard manat or 63.2% of deposits was with national currency and 2.6 milliard manat – foreign currency. 5.4 milliard manat of deposits were put into the private banks.
Credit investment. During January-November the amount of credits were given to the natural and legal entities of the country by finance-credit organizations increased by 19.1% and taking into account credits given in the previous year it was reached to 18.2 milliard manat. 79.5 % of it was long-term credit and 5.4 % payment was expired.
For the state of 1st December, 2014 size of country population were 9583.2 thousand person. It was increased by 106.1 thousand person or 1.1% compared to the beginning of the year.
Exchange rate of Manat. In December, 2014 average monthly rate of exchange of manat for US dollars was 0.78 manat, 1Euro – 0.97 manat, 100 Russian rouble 1.40 manat. From the beginning of the year it was correspondingly 0.78, 1.04 and 2.10 manat.

Macro-economic indicators

Indicators 2014 January actual, million manat 2014 January compared to 2013 January, per cent For information:
2013 compared to 2012 by %
Gross domestic product 58 977,8 102,8 105,8
of which non-oil GDP 35 968,6 107,0 110,0
Gross volume of industrial products 31 866,4 99,3 101,8
of which non-oil industry 7 189,8 106,9 104,8
Investments directed to fixed capital 17 615,8 98,3 115,1
of which non-oil sector 11 651,6 91,0 112,1
Gross products of agriculture 5 225,8 97,4 104,9
Cargo transportation, million ton 222,0 101,9 103,4
of which transported excluding oil freight 159,0 103,4 107,0
Volume of information and communication services 1 620,0 115,1 110,7
Retail turnover 22 001,7 110,0 109,9
Paid services for population 7 016,4 107,2 108,2
Revenue of state budget 17 168,9 x) 97,1 xx) 112,7x xx)
Expenditure of state budget 15 096,9 x) 94,3 xx) 114,8x xx)
Proficit of state budget 2 072,0 - -
Income of the population 39 360,7 104,8 108,0
Per capita income, manat 4 180,5 103,5 106,6
Average monthly per capita wages and salaries, manat 442,1 x) 105,4 xx) 106,8x xx)
Consumer price index x 101,4 102,4
Data of Statistics 1)
External trade turnover, million USA $ 36 692,1 x) 95,33) x
export 28 580,0 x) 99,33) x
of which export of non-oil product 1 569,6 x) 98,93) 107,44)
import 8 112,1 x) 83,03) 113,24)
Data of Customs 2):
External trade turnover, million USA $ 28 825,6 x) 93,43) 107,24)
export 20 713,5 x) 98,03) 104,94)
import 8 112,1 x) 83,03) 113,24)
1) Taking into account volume and estimated statistical value of factual exported crude oil and natural gas crossed country border but not made official in the customs committee in the reporting period.
2) Because of the fact that date of customs making official on crude oil and natural gas export does not coincide with date (date of country border cross) of these products' actual export, data on volume of exported crude oil and natural gas made official in the customs authorities during the reporting period were included in the volume of country total export.
3) 2014 January- November compared 2013 January- November, comparable prices.
4) 2013 January- November compared 2012 January- November, comparable prices.
x) 2014 January- November
xx) 2014 January- November compared to January- November 2013
xxx) 2013 January- November compared to January-November 2012.