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Last updated: 01.10.2023

Statistical units and their demography

This section contains information on newly created and liquidated statistical units by kind of activity, ownership and economic regions which have been registered in the State register of statistical units for the certain period.

Statistical units - shall mean legal (their representative offices and branches) and natural persons who submitting primary data for official statistics or appointed by statisticians for the conducting of observations, collection and analysis of data.

Legal unit - is an enterprise that passed state registration in accordance with the procedure established by law, which has a separate property, its exclusive responsibility for its obligations, acquires and exercises property and personal non-property rights on its own behalf, or has the right to be responsible. The legal entity has an independent balance.

Individual entrepreneur - is a person (an individual person) who registered and received a certificate of registration from the tax organs for own business activity without establishing the legal entity.

Local unit - is an enterprise or a part of an enterprise (for example, workshop, office, pit, warehouse, etc.) that is engaged in productive activity at or from one location.

Demography of enterprises – information on number of newly created and liquidated (birth, death) enterprises.