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Last updated: 27.10.2023

Telecommunication and post

Statistical yearbook “Telecommunication and post in Azerbaijan” covers statistical information on main indicators characterizing the country communication situation, and its development dynamics. Communication infrastructure, development dynamics and information of CİS countries in this field for comparison are included in this yearbook. The yearbook also reflects telephone communication, post services, television and radio communication, development of private sector, number of employees in communication enterprises and their nominal average monthly wage, other information characterizing situation of communication, as well as some indicators of communication by the country regions.
The several changes were made to communication statistics regarding to 3-rd version of NACE. The telecommunication and post activities covered in the section of 'Transport and communication' are divided in different sections based on new classification. The post activity now refers to "transport and storehouses", information on different IT services and telecommunication activities includes in 'Information and communication' section. These factors are taking into account in current yearbook, as well as post activity is also covered.
Methodological explanations on statistical indicators and their formation are shortly given after tables.

Conventional symbols:
« - » not applicable;
« ... » data are missing (not presented);
« 0 » negligible magnitude.

In individual cases negligible discrepancies between totals and sum of their components are due to rounding figures.