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Last updated: 13.09.2023

Environmental Protection

The shared ecological information system (SEIS) ( represents the initiative of the European Union (EU) directed to modernization and simplification of collecting, exchange and use of data and information, necessary for development and implementation of ecological policy with the purpose to support environment protection in the territory of the countries - neighbors of EU within the framework of the program "European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument" (ENPI).
Air pollutant emissions from stationary sources by ingredients Emission of air pollutants from mobile sources by ingredients Greenhouse gas emissions by sectors Abstraction of freshwater from natural sources and its use Passenger transport demand Consumption of mineral and organic fertilizers Waste generation Management of hazardous wastes Renewable freshwater resources Generation of hard waste Protected areas Ambient air quality Biochemical oxygen demand and concentration of ammonium in rivers Nutrients in fresh water Consumption of ozone-depleting substances Air temperature Number of precipitation Energy final consumption Total energy supply Energy capacity Renewable energy supply Freight turnover Irrigated lands Balance of electricity Water supply industry Waste waters Age structure of motor vehicles Breakdown of motor vehicles by the form feels and tonnages Exclusion of lands from product turnover Main indicators of forest funds Concentrations of pollutants in coastal seawater and sediments Nutrients in coastal seawaters
This section contains information describing environmental situation, availability of natural resources and their use. Information about air, water installations, land and forest resources protection, reserves, availability of toxic wastes and their use, extraction of different minerals, expenditures for environmental protection was reflected.
Information published is based on the official statistics of the State Statistical Committee of Azerbaijan, and also of ministries and departments which are engaged in nature use and control over ecology and environmental protection.
Some information reflected in the yearbook was provided on economic regions of the country.

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